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Private Offices

Private office space needs to be functional and allow for individualization to achieve the greatest performance from workers.

Being able to select options within a pre-determined system lets your employees work in the space that will make them most productive.

Kimball Office Furniture, Priority

As one of Kimball’s most popular casegood platforms, Priority supports every type of work environment while giving you the choice to select only the specific features that you need. Priority truly offers functionality—from its most basic form to its most option enhanced. Many product features are now selectable options, giving the customer the freedom to determine the enhancements that are most important for their work environment. From locking to modesty panel options or from laminate to veneer, the customer has the freedom of choice, which creates a custom, scalable price point.

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Geiger Furniture, Catalyst

Catalyst by Geiger is a furniture-based system that equips open-plan and private-office vistas with equal ease. Named for the role played by mission-critical teams in law firms, financial-services companies and other professional organizations, Catalyst creates constructive settings for those who provoke action and keep workflows moving. Catalyst anticipates a user’s access needs—to colleagues, storage, other activity areas, daylight, technology—intuitively and unobtrusively.

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