Workplace Resource

Design Discovery

Design Discovery provides inspiration for individuals and groups.

Our design staff will make recommendations for space planning, products, colors, fabrics and configuration, all supported by detailed CAD drawings.

  • Work Style/Needs Analysis
  • IC-8 Cultural Assessment
  • Complete Design Resource Libraries
  • Develop Budget
  • Develop Typicals & Standards
  • 2D/3D CAD drawings
  • Accurate Specifications
  • Reconfiguration Analysis & Design

IC-8 Cultural Assessments

IC-8 Cultural Assessment provides an inside look and understanding of the company culture – current and optimal. The IC-8 is designed to help gather the true collective cultural knowledge and views of your staff, and organize that information in a way that makes it easy for you to take positive action. It’s all based upon our proprietary Influence Circumplex model, which outlines the eight different cultural styles and how they relate to one another. It helps you understand what truly drives your team and it helps us design a workplace that makes your team thrive.

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Space Utilization

Herman Miller’s Space Utilization Studies have uncovered important findings based on quantitative data that provides companies with evidence demonstrating not only, how their current space is being used, but what they might do for improvement.

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Renderings and fly-thru videos assist our clients to better visualize their space during design development. These same tools are also utilized in change communication programs.

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Living Office

Living Office is Herman Miller’s approach to helping individuals and organizations customize their methods, tools and places of work to express and enable shared character and purpose. Living Office is a more natural and desirable workplace that fosters greater connection, creativity, productivity and ultimately, greater prosperity for all. Living Office offers a methodology to create an office where people will want to be, and where everyone can do their best work.

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